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My shop started out not as a shop at all, but a 9 x 7 walk in closet. I started out hand painting wine glasses for a local wine shop. I expanded to a spare bedroom and worked from there for a year or so. Then a friend of mine showed up with a truckload of upholstery samples that we decided to upcycle into gorgeous totebags. Soon, Tote Couture By Angela was actually born. I had saved enough from my wine glass profits to rent a hideous workspace that I have transformed into my beloved Atelier. As time went on, the totebags kind of went by the wayside and now has morphed into bridal headpieces, hats, fascinators and communion veils. I have all the space I need now to feel like a real business and I could not be happier being part of Etsy!!!

Custom orders are welcome also.

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